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Thoughts and Theories of Great Thinkers and Theorists

Shelly Errington In my youth, I doodled in class. In graduate school, I began illustrating striking statements and claims of the great thinkers and theorists I was reading. What struck me was that great thinkers often say things that are funny, ironical, or smug, or Oh-So-True– in ways that lesser thinkers did not generally achieve. Lesser thinkers are often too earnest or or pedantic to be funny, even unconsciously. I began to illustrate both quotations and also ideas, and made them into calendars that my friends liked very much. As time went on and I went to institutes, centers, and conferences, I began to feel that a lecture was wasted if I didn’t get an illustratable quote. I still feel a little like that. Here are a few favorites from over the years. There are many more.