Visual Diary

Open Studios Event – Oct 11 & 12,and the preparation! (Fall 2014)

Open Studios is a yearly Santa Cruz event at which the public is invited to artists’ studios throughout the county. I converted my barn to a gallery and will open my writing/media/drawing studio for people to peek into. These pictures document the activities and lead-up to the big event.

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New Zealand — Australia — Bali — Hong Kong (Spring 2012)

close up of fabric

a Balinese artisan paints a story-cloth

I went to Australia in late March for a planning workshop at the Power Institute of University of Sydney and decided to make a research trip of it,

focusing on contemporary high arts of marginalized people and also souvenirs and kitsch made by them. I visited museums, curators, art centers,

and craftspeople (with a little tourism on the side).  From Australia to Bali for two weeks, thence to Hong Kong for a few days.

The theme in my mind and ethnographic notes is shaping up to be “clashing schemata” or something of that ilk, so I chose the Maori Madonna to

emblematize the theme (see an early entry for explanation).

–Shelly Errington

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Illustrated Occasional Blog — Mexico (Spring 2011)

colorful plastic containers

plastic woven containers for many uses

Welcome to the Spring 2011 occasional blog. I am in Puebla, Mexico working on my documentary video on Mexican

artes populares (popular arts, folk arts) at the International Center for Cinematic Arts and Sciences.

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