As a cultural anthropologist. I study art and visual culture professionally.


As an amateur non-professional, I enjoy capturing moments of light and color and pattern with a camera. I use a Canon DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera) and usually shoot in RAW.


I’m intensely interested in people and their activities, but aside from that, I’m not terribly interested in subject matter. What attracts me is the play of light on unstable surfaces, unexpected landscapes encountered in the periphery of vision, and patterns made by nature and architecture.

Trying to theorize my subject matter and aesthetic tastes and decisions, I sometimes say that I’m a photojournalist of the light.

  • Like a news photojournalist’s, my work is documentary: it is what I saw through the camera lens, not fictional or arranged or color-filtered.
  • Like a news photojournalist, I have to be at the right place and time to capture the moment with a camera.
  • Like a news photojournalist, I want to capture what’s there, not invent it or mislead the viewer about it.

Therefore, I don’t manipulate the image by changing things around, cutting and pasting, using color filters, and all the other things you can do with digital images if you are a commercial photographer using Photoshop. Inventing images and inventing what purports to be real doesn’t interest me. What interests me aesthetically is moments of light and texture and form.

I want to share the pleasure of what I saw and how I saw it.


IMAGE OF THE POSTER GOES OPPOSITE THIS. In 2010 I had my first solo photography show, Moments of Light, in Puebla, Mexico, at the Espacio Cultural. You can see some of these pictures on my flickr site.

IMAGE OF MY POSTCARD GOES HERE. On October 11-12, 2014, I’ll participate in Open Studios, an event in Santa Cruz County that invites the public into your studio to see your process and buy your artwork—ceramics, jewelry, paintings, photos, and more.

Photos and some cartoons will be for sale at Open Studios. They cannot be bought through this website, but here are a few images. Also, visit me at Facebook –browse for Open Studios 2014 Intimate Landscapes/ Natural Abstractions

or put it directly into your url field:

And visit other Open Studios artists at the Open Studios facebook page (

Photography is of course necessary for my Visual Diaries – please visit them on this website.

Below, find a small selection of pictures:

Whale Skeleton at the Seymour Marine Center, Santa Cruz

Whale Skeleton at the Seymour Marine Center, Santa Cruz