Perfect Day #2 in Hong Kong

review of restaurant

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday’s weather was also clear and sunny, so Carolyn and I went off for shopping and to the Hong Kong Museum of Art. I was especially taken with an exhibit of 18th and 19th century Chinese “copies” of European prints of Chinese scenes. The point of the exhibit was that the Chinese had not fully mastered a perspectival rendering of space. My guess is there’s more to it than that, but I plan to ask my friends the art historians about my hypothesis.

Bill met us in the evening and we went to an unbelievably good and beatifully appointed restaurant on the 28th floor, overlooking the Peninsula and its 8 pm light show. A light rain blurred my pix, but I rather like the effect. Sorry for all the concentration on food and scenes – but they don’t let you take pictures in the art museum, whereas the restaurant doesn’t mind …

The famous Downtown Hong Kong rooftop lightshow

building lightshow

A light show through a rain-dropped window

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